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DOTA Information

Day of the Aliens is a 2D graphical point-and-click adventure game. The project was started in 2003, and has been growing ever since, now with a team of around ten members helping.

Storyline: Your parents leave you to baby-sit your brother, but while he wanders outside, he is unexpectedly abducted by aliens! You have to save him, or you'll be in big trouble!

  • A unique and gripping story line, spreading over three parts
  • Detailed hand-drawn backgrounds to bring the locations to life
  • Dozens of richly animated characters to meet, and hundreds of objects to interact with
  • Challenging puzzles to keep you occupied throughout the game, aswell as the occasional minigame
  • Over a thousand lines of dialogue acted out by talented voice actors

There is currently no release date set. See our FAQ for more information.